See what our customers are saying about their time came to our shop.

Everyone here was super nice and professional. My car was done within an hour and I was very impressed.

I have the Mercedes CLA 250 and all tint shops estimated my car to take the whole day because it is a tricky car to do but this place was incredibly fast. It was fast and the job was flawless. Every part of the car was perfectly done.
— Ben L. (from Yelp)
I was brought here by my boyfriend after he found this place off yelp. I was very impressed by the place, very professional, informative and great deals!

My experience was fast and easy! Hogan was very personable and informative on their product. They have a very comfortable waiting room that offers netflix, with snacks and drinks. The timing they gave us was on point. Lastly the price they gave me was fantastic!

I would highly recommend this place for such great customer service all around.
— Kara T (from Yelp)
This is my first time getting my windows tinted and I was very happy with my experience!

The staff was very helpful, kind, chill, informative, and patient when it came to my indecisiveness. They said it would take an hour and a half or more to do but they were done In just over In hour! Time seemed to fly by too, as they had a waiting room with wifi, snacks, magazines, & they told me they usually have netflix there!

I really appreciated how they told me how to preserve the life and color of the tint. They also warned me of the laws against tinting the front windows and such.

My car looks GREAT. A+++++.
Thanks Tint Crew for pimpin my ride!!;)
— Brittannie N. (from Yelp)
I’ve had my car for about 7 years already and FINALLY had the chance to tint my 2006 Scion tC. I never really had the chance to since I wanted to find a good spot with a good deal and I don’t know crap about cars so I’d probably get jipped if I did my own research. I was referred here by my brother who bought a great groupon deal for full window tinting and I liked the work they did on his 2013 civic. Anyhow my brother went full on limo for the back windows so my mindset was on getting limo as well. I went into the shop early AM and Hogan was helping me out, he showed me the different shades of tint and yeah, total game changer. I was imagining my car with limo for a minute and then Hogan suggested I go below limo because at night it’ll be too dark to see behind me. That’s when I was like okay! Little miss speed racer wants to be safe so I went below limo and then Hogan asked which tint would I want for my front and I replied with “the one that won’t get me in trouble.” Hahaha ANYWAYS THEY DID AN AWESOME JOB ON MY CAR! I love the mysterious look it has now :)
— Jenny S (from Yelp)
This is a very clean and professional shop I would recommend to anyone. Not only was there customer service top-notch but they were done in about an hour for my 2014 Dodge charger. You will not be dissatisfied going to this Tint Shop.
— a Customer from Groupon
Great service! Down to the point, prompt and professional. In n out quickly. No hidden fees or slick bs other places try to pull off. Left my Optima looking UPGRADED! Thanks guys. Will send u more business
— Fabian Gomez (from Facebook)
I bought a LivingSocial deal for Tint Crew, not knowing to much about the business, for my wife’s Audi. I called a couple of weeks ago and set up the appointment for today at 11:00AM and arrived about 5 minuets late due to heavy traffic from RSM.

Upon arrival I met the installers and the owner (?). The entire crew was very nice and the guy behind the desk helped me pick out the tint and answered all of my question with great detail. After picking out the tint he gave me additional information about my car and quoted me a time to expect the job being finished.

Then he showed me to the waiting room were they provide you with streaming TV, WiFi, and some beverages all complementary. I sat on the couch, watched a movie and before I knew it the car was done! I was quoted an hour and a half to two hours, and it was done around noon!

These guys are fantastic! I can’t say how nice and welcoming the guy working behind the counter (Sorry I forgot his name!!!) was, and how easy he made the whole service. I would recommend Tint Crew to anyone looking to have tinting done.
— Brett L (from Yelp)